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A Patient's Thank You to Dr. Wolfert

Take a look at the wonderful patient letter to our Dr. Wolfert:

Dr. Wolfert,

I wanted to thank you for being the first doctor in over four YEARS that took the time with me, believed my pain, listened to my agony with compassion and actually tried to solve the problem instead of just saying it was in my head.

You were spot on with my syndrome. I almost burst into tears in the vascular surgeons office with relief. Thank you for ending a four plus year bout of agonizing pain and issues on top of my already complicated lupus.

It all explains so much and I will be getting the stent put in to fix the issues.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help. You quite literally changed my life and it's not often that I get a doctor that is so impactful as you were. I hope you know the scope of my gratitude and this note conveys my appreciation for your knowledge, bedside manner, help and truly making a massive difference in a person's life. Thank you for making my life a lot less painful. I am so appreciative for how you treated me, the time you put into truly listening and your diagnosis.

Thank you again for changing my life

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